In January 2016 I had too much free time and decided to try something new. I’ve bought some cheap analog cameras at the flea market and some film.

This blog shows some of the results. Currently nine out of ten images are garbage. Playing with different cameras and cross processing doesn’t really help either.

I pay about 5 € for a camera, so buying film and letting processing it, costs me usually three times more then a camera 

Each stack of images is tagged with film (cross processing, expired film), camera and location.


  • Cameras: Panorama / stereo cameras
  • Cameras: Polaroid camera
  • Cameras: Canon A-1
  • Cameras: Small cameras like Minox 35 and Rollei 35
  • Cameras: Box cameras
  • Cameras: 6x6 SLR
  • Cameras: Moving images (Super 8)
  • Film: Try expired films (Expired Film )
  • Film: More experiments on cross processing
  • Site: Get the light box mode working on stacks
  • Site: Check why some Tags aren’t clickable



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